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Who we are

Our names are Lacie and Kevin Smith. We have been breeding donkeys for the past 7 years. We married in 2014 and purchased our home in 2015. We reside on 6 acres of an 80 acre farm. We  welcomed our Son, Bennett in August of 2021. We share our home with 3 rescues. Our two dogs, Jada and Sage, and our cat Hank. We have Nigerian dwarf goats, Jeff, Gary, Buckwheat, Tia and Lucy. We have several chickens along with 4 emus. Harry, Lloyd, Eddie and Katherine. We will be breeding Our 
Emus within the next two years in hopes of selling babies! We are very compassionate about animals. We actively attend church, and love spending time with family. Our interest in donkeys came from driving past another farm and seeing  a cute, short horse like animal from a distance, and saying "What is that?" Research was done, videos were found and the conclusion was, what we saw was a miniature donkey! We met with a breeder to get more information, because we indeed want ONE as a pet. Little did we know, that just wasn't going to work out. Miniature donkeys need a friend. Fence went up and a shack was built, and we found our donkeys from a breeder, that we now have a lifelong friendship with, and brought 3 donkeys home! We made the decision to become breeders because we wanted to provide others with the opportunity to bring these special animals into their lives! We love our donkeys and hope that we can provide our foals with loving homes with wonderful people. We will only sell our donkey's in pairs or to a home with another miniature equine. Donkeys are companion animals and need a friend to be their happiest. No exceptions. Miniature donkeys are extremely dosile and loving, and just really cute! If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing one of our donkeys please contact us! Thankyou---Lacie and Kevin.

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