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Frequently asked questions.

- How much do you sell your donkeys for? - $2,000-3,000.

-Why so much? - Our donkeys are registered (just like dogs can be!) They come with pedigrees and health records. We do not offer pet prices.

-Are donkeys easy to take care of? - yes. they are very low maintenance, however they will need hoof trims every 6-8 weeks, wormer, and yearly vaccines.

-Do you run into many health problems? We have had a few. For the most part Donkeys are very hearty animals. Hoof abscesses are very common in our area. It is important to have a good relationship with your farm vet.

-Do you allow visits to your farm?

-Absolutely! We love educating and sharing our story, and love watching you fall in love with these guys!

-When are your babies born? We breed for spring and early summer.

-When do babies go to their new homes? We will wean our babies at 5 months of age. So around 5.5 months they can go to their new homes!

-Can i do a payment plan? Yes. We know how expensive these guys are. All donkeys must be paid off before leaving the farm. Please contact us for details.

-What do they eat? Grass mainly. Mixed grass hay in the winter and low protein grain.

-I have a horse can i pair it with a donkey? Our answer is no. All donkeys must have a donkey friend. They are companion animals and truly happiest with another donkey.

-I have goats can i pair a donkey with them? See above.

Will donkeys kill coyotes? Standards and mammoths will. Minis however are not much bigger than coyotes and will not be a source of protection. 

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